What So Magical About Playing Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a massively popular augmented reality game that has been downloaded by tens of millions of people around the globe.  And if you are wondering why Pokemon Go is such an extremely popular game, then you should read this article. In this article, you can discover all of the different things that make Pokemon Go so fun to play. And maybe after reading through this whole article, you could be convinced to download and play Pokemon Go yourself. Here are the various things that make Pokemon Go such a hit mobile game.

Pokemon is the ultimate game of nostalgia

Many people have played Pokemon in their youth. This means that you are going to be able to relieve a lot of nostalgia from your childhood if you play Pokemon Go.

Lots of Pokemon to discover

There are over 150 Pokemon, and more to be added, within this mobile game. This means that you are going to have a lot of fun discovering all of the different Pokemon that are available.

Makes the world more fun

Pokemon Go enhances the real world and makes it more fun. You can interact with things because you get to discover Pokemon if you do. For example, when you are strolling through your local park, you could be going on an adventure if you play Pokemon Go on your walk.

Play Pokemon with other people

Pokemon Go allows players to interact with people all around them. You could trade Pokemon, see other player’s list of capture Pokemon and even battle in Pokemon gyms with other people. This means that Pokemon Go is a highly interactive game that is shared by a lot of people.

Huge popularity around the world

Pokemon Go also has got a huge global presence. A lot of brands, companies, organizations that are spread throughout the Globe actively promote Pokemon Go. So with this huge official push from global companies, Pokemon Go has become even more popular.

Is there a way to get all of the Pokemon?

There is actually a really easy way to get all of the Pokemon that you want. On the internet, you could find some websites that would sell you a Pokemon Go account. And buying that affordable account could be your ticket to getting all of the Pokemon that you want. All 150 of the current Pokemon available are going to be on that account that you have bought. So buying an account for Pokemon Go can save you a lot of time and walking too.

There are many more factors that make Pokemon Go one of the best mobile games that you can download. If you want to play an engrossing game that will take you back to your childhood, then playing Pokemon Go is the way to go. You would simply spend so many hours catching and training your Pokemon. And there are certainly many more Pokemon to be discovered, as you will find that this game constantly gets updated. Mewtwo has just been added to Pokemon Go, so had better download the game now, if you want this rare Pokemon.

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