The Magic of Working with a Company Secretary

A secretary is someone in an organization/business whose assignment is to handle records and letters for another person in an office. In a business/organization, the role of a company secretary is administrative. Their responsibilities are not clearly defined as other positions employed in a company/business. There are similar roles played by company secretaries that are generally pervasive in the industry of business they belong.

The following is a summary of the distinct areas and assignments of a company secretary:

A company secretary sets up the various registered offices under the business. This duty is important, as the registered address of the business must appear on various paperwork that has to do with the business. This is the first step towards the business/company formation.

The company secretary handles the meetings. After the formation stage of the business, the investors needs to have a sit down with the various offices of the company/business. The company secretary documents minutes of the meetings which serve as a reference for future meetings. The company secretary ensures that attendance for every meeting is significant since the matters discussed are related to the business general aspect.

The company secretary acts as the bridge of communication between the company and the Companies House. The relationship between these two parties is important as both parties need to understand the mutual confidence they have in each other. Another assignment of the company secretary is the well-timed submission of annual accounts statement and annual reports. The company secretary helps inform the Companies House about events going on with the leadership, the registered offices, and company stock performance.

A company secretary despite not required by the law is an important position in any business structure. The position is employed at the discretion of the business. The position promises smooth operation by taking responsibility for important tasks.


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