Wield Your White Magic in League of Legends


There are many characters which are quite popular and are used more frequently in online League of Legend matches all over the world. But there are few characters that are hardly ever used regardless of being as much skilled and useful as the popular ones. has helped you to feature two characters who have been hitherto forgotten and this can be very useful in taking on the battlefield and conquering it.

  1. Blitzcrank: One of the most misjudged characters in the whole League of Legends game. Biltzcrank, a huge metallic monster that is always obliged to perform the duty of a tank, undermining his original purpose as a support-DPS champion. His overdrive ability is an archetypal melee DPS steroid and his power fist can block and generate severe damage to the opponent. Though the damage isn’t his only specialty. As an outstanding and worthy champion, Blitzcrank also possesses a signature move “rocket grab” which allows him to seize champions from a far distance and toss them in the direction of you or your allies.
  2. Janna: An ultimate support champion, who has mastery is various skills such as, farming, protecting, pushing and interrupting. Janna possesses a powerful ability called whirlwind which has the capability to interrupt teams during battle with its knock-up effect and also to destroy a wave of minions. She also has a strong slow spell which she uses to hunt down her opponents and to prevent her allies from being engulfed by the enemy.

In a worst case scenario where Janna who is always ever-elusive or her well-secured allies gets captured by your opponent, she can actually project a force field upon herself, an ally or a tower.



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