How to get a bikini body in under a month?

Attaining a body that is great to look at is probably a goal that you may have. That is not very surprising since a lot of people are heading out to the beach or poolside, now that it is summer. If you would like to get your body ready for the beach in under a month, then you may want to try to follow this article. Alternatively, you could also try to search for other fitness guides on the internet as well. You can go here for a detailed review of Bikini Body Guide. The guide that you can find on that website will help you out a lot in achieving your goals of a having a better-looking body.

Start of the month

While in the first week of your workout program, you may want to start by familiarizing yourself with all of the daily exercises and workouts that you have got to do. For example, you may want to do a straight set of all of your exercises, with a short half a minute break in between sets. Doing this for at least 3 days, at intervals, is going to help your body get used to all of the new training that it is going through. And you can eventually boost your energy levels and metabolism, to help you burn off all of that extra body fat.

Second week of the month

During the next week, you have got to ramp up your training. Instead of doing a single set of exercises, you can combine two sets together. This kind of high-intensity workout of two sets can help you keep the momentum that you have built up during the first week of your training. A two-set exercise is called a superset, and you would need to keep on doing these supersets to make your high-intensity and interval training work.

Third to last week

In the third week of your workout routine, you can start doing drop sets. In this kind of exercise routine, after you have completed a set of exercises, you can end the set by doing another set but with lower weights.

And finally, during the final week of your workout routine, you have got to do even a more intensive training than ever before. Group all of your sets into a single round. And then do these rounds of intense training, and then do another round. Just rest around 1 to 2 minutes in-between sets though. When the final week of training has been done, your body should be ready to be shown off at the beach.

Remember, while you are doing all of these workouts, you also have to eat right as well. Be sure to stop consuming foods that are loaded with carbs and sugar. Those kinds of foods are going to actually make you gain a lot of weight. And improving your diet, by eating more vegetables and nutrient-rich foods, should also be another step that you have got to take. If you do not change your diet, then all of the exercises that you are doing are not going to be as effective.

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