How to Gain Massive Followers on Instagram

This is the best moment to use Instagram. The photo-sharing app is popular and exciting to use, simple and increasing rapidly – Instagram boasts of having more than 700 million users on a monthly basis and an increased level of user engagement. And for dealers, this is an exciting time to boost their seguidores no instagram. The company recently declared that it will create numerous business tools such as new business profiles, methodical approach, and the ability to set up ads from posts right from the app.

Due to the recent introduction of these brand-friendly features, this should propel the marketers to familiarize themselves with Instagram for their commercial activities.

Whether you are planning to boost your personal account or you are hired by a company to work on their behalf, endeavor to peruse through this article in order to discover the best tactics that could help you boost your audience on Instagram into a bigger and relevant one.

Use the correct filters

All the filters available on Instagram shouldn’t be used just for fun – selecting the correct ones can likely result in more views and participation. According to the researchers from Georgia Tech and Yahoo Labs, they carried out a comprehensive analysis on millions of photos coupled with their corresponding data including the number of views and comments and they later got to find out that there is more probability of filtered ones to be liked and commented on than the unfiltered photos. What is the most effective filter? After analyzing five various types, researchers concluded that the top filters that will give you more comments and views are those that produce:

  • Increased rate of exposure
  • warm temperatures
  • Excellent contrast


Always ensure that your existing fans know that you join Instagram via cross-promotion. On Instagram, it is very easy to share your images to the different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and Foursquare, which could be used to get more exposure. You can also incorporate Instagram photos to your blog posts or allow Instagram feed on your Facebook page for more discoveries.

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