Create Some Bedtime Magic with the Best Mattresses for Back Pain

Although it is quite impossible to test the comfort of a mattress by sleeping on it before buying it, there is always room to sit or lie on it at strategic points in order to decide if it delivers comfort at your terms. When evaluating the Best Mattresses for Back Pain, two vital factors to look out for are comfort and good back support.

The type of coil, the synergy between the coils, and the coil count determines whether or not a mattress would provide good back support. In essence, the thicker the coil (preferably made of still), the more back support is provided.

The number of coil per mattress runs between 300 and 800 and the more the better. For the best of comfort, go for mattresses with coils that are put in place by wires in order to avoid displacement.

Some other things you should inquire from the sales rep are the spring box – which is the base of the mattress, the structures of the middle padding, and the insulation padding.

The upholstery and edge materials are the key elements that provide comfort. The upholstery is the fluffy foam that cushions you from the coarseness of the coils. Luxurious designs like “pillow top” have firm padding for a rich, plush feel. If you are not so comfortable with a very firm padding, you could pick one with less padding. For the edge materials, they should be strong to withhold whatever weight is on it.

Mattresses with thicker padding and many coils, which are relatively expensive and better in quality, do not guarantee more comfort or support.

A succulent and luxurious mattress may offer you comfort but not the good support for your back. What you get after using this is pains and stiffness all over your body. Very firm mattresses are not flexible enough align with the shape of the spine thus causing pain.

Don’t be swayed by what you see on adverts. They are actually placed there to attract you. The best mattresses for back pain that provide comfort as well as good support are not generally the most expensive.


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